BC College of Social Workers

The BC College of Social Workers (BCCSW) is the regulatory body for the practice of social work in British Columbia. Our mandate is to protect the public interest by establishing and supporting high standards for qualified Registered Social Workers.

See you at the BCASW conference

College staff will be at the BCASW both Friday and Saturday with a table in the exhibitor’s area. We will be assisting people with CPD and answering other questions that registrants may have. Come by our table and say hello.
The Conference takes place at the Coast Plaza Hotel 1763 Comox Street, Vancouver.

Adult guardianship training- update

Important information about the Adult Guardianship Training announcement. The course referred to in the scope of practice statement is an online course currently being developed by the Ministry of Health.  The course will initially only be available to registrants selected by their health authority employer. The courses listed in conditions 1(b) and 1(c) are not currently available.

Please note the following:

  1. The online course is the mandatory requirement under the college’s conditions. The one day training session currently offered by health authorities is only one-time and supplemental to the online course;
  2. The online course is the currently the only program accepted under condition 1(a). The conditions listed in 1(b) and 1(c) are not currently available.
  3. The online course will, in the future,  be available for anyone who wants to take it, but is intended for health authority staff selected by the health authorities for conducting the functional component of the assessment and issuing certificates of incapability; and
  4. The training sessions are by invitation only – there will be no “general registration” process. Health authorities will be deciding which employees need to attend those sessions, and will include the people the health authorities have chosen as their qualified health care providers and health authority designates.


Election for the Board

The election is now under way. All registrants should have received an email from the College with voting instructions, links to candidate information, and a link to your online ballot, or a package in the mail with election material. Please take a few moment to read about the candidates and cast your vote.

Free Educational Opportunity

Together but Apart: Caring for a Spouse with Dementia Resident in a Care Facility

Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Time: 1:30-2:30pm PT
Target Audience: Health care providers and anyone involved in the care of older adults with dementia

# of Participants: 100 maximum (BC only)

Language of Presentation: English

This presentation gives voice to the experience of older adult caregivers with a spouse who has dementia and is resident in a care facility. Perceptions of care facility staff are also provided and examined for congruence and incongruence with the views of the spousal caregivers.


Dawn Hemingway

* Associate Professor and Chair, University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) School of Social Work
* Co-President, BC Psychogeriatric Association
* Co-Director, Women North Network / Northern FIRE: Centre for Women’s Health Research, UNBC

To register:
Visit Careringvoice.com
For questions or help registering, call 1-866-396-2433 or email info@careringvoice.com

Introduction to the CPD Planner

Do you want to see the CPD planning tool in action? Click here for an MP4 video. It may take a few minutes for the file to load and will require a computer that can play an MP4 file.

Criminal Records Review Act

The Criminal Records Review Act (CRRA) requires that persons registered with professional regulatory colleges undergo a CRRA check not less than every five years. As a registrant of the BC College of Social Workers, the CRRA requires registrants to consent to the criminal records review check. Registrants who are due for the five-year check will be notified by mail. The required consent for is available here for those who prefer to print the form.

If you encounter any difficulty opening the link to the form, please email the College at info@bccsw.ca and we will arrange to have this form emailed or mailed to you.

Important Information for Applicants without a social work degree

The Board of the College recently adopted a new policy that clarified the requirements for applicants without a social work degree. The Bylaws of the College provide for a person with a related degree to make application. This new policy provides information about the types of degrees that are considered “related” and other requirements.

For applicants without a social work degree effective January 1, 2013- click here for details.