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Board & Committees

The Board is the College’s governing authority. The College’s mandate and structure is established by the Social Workers Act.

There are twelve members on the Board; eight are elected by the College’s registrants while the provincial government appoints four as public representatives. The Board meets approximately five times a year to develop policy and plan the implementation of the College’s goals. Board meetings are open to the public. A small staff, under the direction of the College’s Registrar, runs day-to-day operations.

Board Members

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The Social Workers Act in section 8 establishes the following statutory committees:

Registration Appeals

Section 8.(2)(g) provides for the Board to establish by bylaw the following committees:

Quality Assurance

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In addition, the College can establish Reference groups which are advisory to committees and the Board. The following Reference groups have been established:

Towards Developing a Respectful Relationship
Standards of Practice

You may find more information about these Reference Groups on the correspondingly named tabs on the website.