Before the exam

Apply to the College

In order to be able to register for the exam, an applicant needs to be approved by the BC College of Social Workers. In order to be approved the College required a completed application form. Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the information about applying to the College. That information can be found here.

A completed application is required. That means that the College has received:

  • a completed application form,
  • reference letters received directly from an applicants referees,
  • a local police force criminal record check, any international criminal record checks that may be required, an authorization for a criminal record check under the Criminal Record Review Act, and a picture of  two pieces of ID (one of which must be government issued),
  • A transcript sent directly to the College or in an envelope which is sealed with the University seal. Please note that the College will accept a letter of completion from the educational institution if an applicant applied before the degree is conferred, however the applicant must still provide a transcript after convocation.

Candidate preparation

There are a number of ways that candidates can prepare for the exam. One of the foundations to success is a sound educational program which prepares students for practice.

Institutional group review practice tests

Educational institutions may purchase a license to group review practice test that may be used in an institutional setting. The group review test is designed to be one component of an overall examination preparation program. Students should inquire with their educational institution to determine availability of this valuable tool.

Individual practice tests

ASWB also offers practice tests for individuals. These tests are offered online and may be purchased from the ASWB site. Please visit the site for detailed information about the exam including costs, availability, and score reporting.

For profit study programs

Candidates are discouraged from considering for profit exam study courses or tutors who purport to guarantee success. Neither the College nor ASWB endorses any programs. It is illegal to steal exam questions and certain protocols are in place to protect the integrity of the exam.

Candidate Handbook

All candidates are  strongly encouraged to read the Candidate Handbook. There is a wealth of information in the handbook (more so than is on this site) including the costs and information about test centres. Also available is a full set of the examination rules. Candidates are required to agree to the rules.

Testing Accommodations

The College, in conjunction with ASWB has established protocols for accommodations for persons with disabilities. The protocols comply with Canadian Human Rights legislation. The ASWB policy on accommodations may be found here.