Registration Committee

Required: five members – number of registrants not indicated.

Meets regularly and according to the bylaws recommends acceptable educational programs to the Board. The Committee also develops registration policy and acts as a review panel when the Registrar rejects an application.

Registration Appeals Committee

Required: three to five members – number of registrants not indicated.

Rarely meets. When it does it considers appeals from decisions of the Registration Committee to reject an applicant. Members require knowledge of hearings, administrative justice, and decision making and writing. The members of this committee cannot also be members of the Registration Committee. Training is provided.

Quality Assurance Committee

Required: total of six members, five of which may be registrants

This committee reviews standards of practice and ethical standards and will continue work on the Quality Assurance/Continuing Professional Development Program.

Inquiry Committee

Required: total of five members, two of which may be registrants

The Committee meets regularly. The Committee considers complaints delivered by the Registrar and reviews decisions of the Registrar to dismiss a complaint. The Committee may also investigate under its own motion and is responsible for issuing Citations for discipline hearings.