Indigenous Committee

Indigenous Committee




The College recognizes the need to not only acknowledge the harm that has occurred within Indigenous populations throughout Canada because of colonization, but we also understand the need to deeply embed the knowledge of this history into the social work profession, so that it never again plays such a role in the future. For this to happen, strong relationships with Indigenous peoples and communities must be established so that Indigenous knowledge, perspectives and values are inherent within the work of the College and the social work profession in BC.

Through the recommendations  highlighted through the Towards Developing a Respectful Relationship initiative, the Board of Directors of BCCSW has approved an Indigenous Committee to form as a standing committee of the College.The Indigenous Committee seeks to reflect Indigenous values and Indigenous ways of working to provide a framework for engaging in College affairs.

The Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the BC College of Social Workers offering Indigenous cultural perspectives and knowledge as a way to culturally inform the development of: regulation, College policies, initiatives, projects and programs, communications and relationship building with Indigenous persons and communities. Where appropriate, the Committee is able provide the Board with clear recommendations including background information, perspectives considered, options considered and rationales. The Committee will also develop its own initiatives in order to reflect Indigenous values and Indigenous ways of working in College affairs.


Ruth Kenny, RSW (Chair)

Sandra Wilson, RSW

Jenny Morgan, RSW

Wendy Simon, RSW

Jennifer-Lee Koble, RSW

Cheney Cloke